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      In learning a foreign language, there are certain challenges like learning its grammatical structure,
      adopting a correct pronunciation pattern and most importantly acquiring as many useful words to
      be able to communicate with as possible. Just as the construction workers lay the foundation of a
      building as the initial step, someone hoping to learn a language needs to obtain the fundamentals
      of that language first – its grammar. However, learning process of grammar does not last very
      long, taking up just a few months at the longest. What’s more, grammar should never remain

      on the surface of the learning medium, pushing the language learner to become grammar-
      oriented and grammar-conscious at the very beginning of the language learning process.
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      Basım Yeri:Ankara
      Basım Tarihi:2020
      Kapak Türü:Karton Kapak

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      Stok Kodu9786057868510
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