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      Interstate And Non – Governmental
      International Orgaizations
      History – Policy – Organs – Documents
      Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hasgüler
      Prof. Dr. Mehmet B. Uludağ
      Chapter One
      The Formation Of International Organizations In The World Politica System
      Chapter Two
      International Organizations With Global Characteristics
      Chapter Three
      Regional Organizations
      Chapter Four
      Non-Governments International Organizations
      This study has an encyclopaedic character, but it has been prepared as an extended and diverse study as well. In this context, the issue of international organizations has been approached using a critical method that includes a comprehensive and historical analysis.
      In addition to the departments of international relations, the work has been prepared to address a wide range of areas, including war academies, war schools, ministries, police academies, other social sciences, communication faculties and all sectors interested in foreign policy, media and research organizations, and non-governmental organizations.
      Different from the books of international organizations in this study, non-governmental international organizations which can be defined as globalization of non-governmental organizations for the first time are examined in detail. The effects of international foundations are also examined in this context and under separate headings.
      Historical process, founding agreements, political and administrative procedures of international organizations whether intergovernmental or civil are presented with a wide bibliography and chronology about in this study. The issue of international organizations has been presented in the past from a Western-centred perspective and the studies have been carried out exclusively on the axis of Europe and the UN.
      However, in the last 40 years, there is a serious trend of interstate organization in the non-European world. Another aim of this study is to get acquainted with non-European organizations such as Non-Alignment, Organization of Islamic Conference, Arab League, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ECO, African Union Organization, ASEAN, Black Sea Cooperation Organization.
      Prof. Dr. Mehmet HASGÜLER&
      Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bülent ULUDAĞ
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      Basım Tarihi    :    2020
      Kapak Türü    :    Karton Kapak

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